Organization’s Goals, Key Achievements, and Distinctiveness:

ORION offers hope for individuals and families experiencing hardship due to poverty, disability or illness by building bridges that lead to self-reliance.

We believe that every person deserves shelter, food, clothing, transportation and access to healthcare. ORION listens at the street level and responds to the unmet needs of our most vulnerable neighbors with creativity, compassion and collaboration.

Since 1977, we challenge ourselves to respectfully serve “the person standing in front of us.” Recent economic times has encouraged us to develop more collaborative efforts with other community organizations. Orion does not accept governmental funding. This permits us to serve people in more creative ways and limits the amount of bureaucratic procedures and administrative costs that can often hinder services.

From its origins, primarily working with people with disabilities, Orion is now serving all our neighbors who need support, especially: the unemployed or under employed, the homeless and hungry, those with mental illness, and our neighbors in crisis. Orion makes a special effort to reach out to those who “fall between the cracks”, or those who are seen as too vulnerable, too dysfunctional to be successfully assisted. There are no throw away individuals or families.

Orion has been successful. Orion is known as the organization that attempts to serve everyone. Other agencies routinely refer people to us. Our goal is to make the seemingly impossible, possible.