Volunteers are vital to Orion Communities, join us!

Did you know that 40% of Americans will spend 1 year or more of their life between 25 and 60 at or below the poverty level? But people are very resilient and with a bit of support, they can often put poverty behind them and their families in a year or two.

At the heart of Orion is the belief that neighbors reach out to those in need.  This belief is demonstrated every day as we reach out to those most in need, who are often isolated from networks of friends, relatives, or other community resources.

Can you:

  • Help with upcoming fundraising events?
  • Answer the Orion phones?
  • Assist with mailings?
  • Listen or provide guidance in difficult times?

We serve the most vulnerable in the community who often don’t have anywhere else to turn or don’t know where to get support.  Orion connects our neighbors in need with resources to help them move toward self-relaince If you are interested in meeting these or other needs, please give us a call or send an email so we can discuss ways for you to help us help our neighbors.

Phone: 610-415-1140

Email:  info@orioncommunities.org