GLAD – Gutsy Ladies Achieving their Destiny


 GLAD is a place for you to grow!

Did you ever want to start school, get back to school, get a new job or just get back to work?

Orion is offering a free 12 week educational motivational group for single moms. This program is designed for moms who want to develop new strategies to inspire their children and themselves.

A weekly meeting will include lots of information on parenting and how to focus on your employment and life goals… maybe even get your dream job!

Parenting Skills

  • Learn the most effective parenting skills through Nurtured Heart & Active Parenting.
  • Spend time with other parents and share stories & strategies.

Educational Goals

  • Learn about yourself.
  • What are your educational and/or job goals?
  • Where would you like to see yourself in a few months?
    Let’s work together to develop a strategy to make those dreams come true!

Click here to download the GLAD application and apply today!

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