ORION offers hope for individuals and families experiencing hardship due to poverty, disability or illness by building bridges that lead to self-reliance. We believe that every person deserves shelter, food, clothing, transportation and access to healthcare. ORION listens at the street level and responds to the unmet needs of our most vulnerable neighbors with creativity, compassion and collaboration through these client focused programs.

hands-puzzle-piecesBridge Case Management: hear our clients’ challenges, help identify resources and work together to create a plan for moving forward towards self-reliance.

Community Emergency Fund: needed financial resources for life’s essentials such as: shelter, food, clothing, transportation and access to healthcare.

Technology Resource Center: access to computers with Internet, telephone, FAX, and copier along with assistance from staff and volunteers for clients who seek a job, housing or social services.

Community Outreach: strives to make connections in the community, raise awareness, identify needs for services and collaboratively address systemic service gaps in the community.

stars-1STARS* Sharing Technology Advances Reading Skills: computers, books and training sessions for both children and parents to address the academic gap for students from low-income households.

GLAD Fund: a new program for single mothers to help improve parenting skills while identifying and developing their own passions.