Special Announcement – Kris Keller, Executive Director



The Board of Directors of Orion Communities is pleased to announce, effective October 1, 2015, Kris Keller was appointed as the first paid Executive Director since Orion’s transition to an all-volunteer staff in March 2014.  Kris had been serving as the volunteer Executive Director since December 2014 and her leadership in that position was a major factor in bringing Orion from the brink of closing its doors to a position where it has become a viable and critical provider of services to those in most need in Phoenixville and the surrounding areas.

Prior to her tenure as its volunteer Executive Director, Kris recently served in an advisory capacity to Orion helping to guide it through a difficult financial and management reorganization which resulted in a crucial shift from an organization that faced closure to one that began to provide limited but essential services to its neighbors in need.   As volunteer Executive Director she was instrumental in a major turnaround for Orion by winning the trust of community leaders, reconnecting to its former donor base, instituting new and imaginative public relations efforts and guiding the Board in instituting effective and efficient management and fiscal policies and procedures.  As a result, Orion was able to secure enough additional funding to hire a part time office manager and intern and increase the number of incoming client contacts served in December 2014 from less than 40 to over 340 in September 2015.

The Executive Director is a part time position and Kris continues to work as a home inspector in the business she and her husband started 16 years ago. Kris has an engineering degree and MBA in marketing and program management. She has started and managed several for profit and non-profit organizations and reports enjoying being a part of Phoenixville’s vibrant and collaborative community.

Ken George, President of Orion, stated, “Kris’s enthusiasm, energy, business acumen and dedication to Orion’s mission has been both an inspiration to and catalyst for all the members of the Board.”

Please stop by or set up an appointment to meet Kris and see Orion in action. For more information, check out Orion’s video or call 610.415.1140.