STARS – Sharing Technology Advances Reading Skills

stars-photos2The STARS are Aligning!

Free Computers with education and filtering software are available for qualifying families in the Phoenixville Area School District and their parents. This program teaches students and parents computer literacy as well as introduces them to reading and math software.

Imagine in this day and age not having a computer, not having internet. That’s the reality for many children across the country and it really limits the ability for parents and teachers to communicate with each other or for students to do their homework or for families to have access to enrichment opportunities. It’s the modern version of telling children they cannot attend school if they don’t have shoes.

Fortunately, there are a whole bunch of people who want to be sure that our students not only have shoes but know how to tie them! Every day that students come to Orion for a STARS session there are plenty of smiles & surprises…

  • The 6 year old who has been using a reading program for 5 weeks and made it to marker 32 and then in one half hour session went from 33 to 138!
  • The middle school student tightly holding his new computer after demonstrating how well he can already program in Java – imagine what he will be able to do with his own computer!
  • The Spanish speaking mother using a reading program intended for pre-schoolers to improve her English and the sheer determination on her face!
  • The books that go home nightly clutched in small hands after they have been assured that yes, the books are theirs to keep.
  • Plus the variety of requests – wishes for books on double dutch jump rope, penguins and Japanese geography – who knew?!

The STARS team of volunteers is willing to search out new books and coach the students – children and parents – to learn how to use the computer and access the many resources that are available online. They are working with the Phoenixville Area School District to ensure that no child is left behind in our community because they don’t have access to today’s learning tools.

If you are interested in being a STARS coach, reading to young children or learning more about STARS, please contact us at or 610-415-1140.