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A free, 10-week workshop designed to help adults learn about the hidden rules of living in poverty, building resources and relationships in the community, and planning for a better life.


September 18th from 5:30-8 pm for 10 weeks

Grace Crossing Community
248 Church Street
Phoenixville, Pa. 19460

At these workshops, we offer:

Limited seating! For questions or to register, contact Lori or Sarah, 610-415-1140 / gettingahead@orioncommunities.org

  • $400 incentive based on attendance
  • Dinner and childcare provided
  • Resource book and materials provided!

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Application: Getting Ahead Workshop

Names of all Household Members attending workshop:
Other Questions
I am willing to commit to a 10-week training course. (Approx. three hours one night per week, childcare and dinner provided.)

Orion will be serving a meal. If I or my children have any food allergies, I am responsible for asking about ingredients. Orion is not responsible for any allergy or medical reaction my children or I may have.

I give permission for Orion to exchange information with the above people if necessary. Information will be used to determine eligibility for the Getting Ahead initiative and track progress toward goals.

This is an application for the Getting Ahead workshops; it does not guarantee you will be accepted. You will be contacted with confirmation prior to the next class starting. If your contact number changes after you have submitted this application, you are responsible for informing the Getting Ahead staff as soon as possible by phone: 610-415-1140 or email: gettingahead@orionhope.org.

Thank you!
The Orion Getting Ahead Team