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Housing Crisis

The hold on evictions has been extended to March 31!

The federal eviction moratorium that began Sept. 4, 2020 will continue to March 31, 2021 which has been a big relief for so many families allowing them to postpone rent payments while they deal with lost income due to the global pandemic. Nationally, millions of renters, at risk of eviction, can stay in their homes for now. Operative word being postpone, it does not eliminate their rent obligations. On March 31st, back rent will be due and renters unable to pay may face eviction.

Even with the hold on evictions, Orion’s Case Management team has seen a fourfold increase in rental assistance requests because not all leases are created equal. But this community has been so responsive to the increased need! Before the pandemic, Orion averaged $7500 in community emergency fund distribution each month but since then, the average has been $15,000 with some months exceeding gifts of $20,000 – thank you! On March 31st, we expect that need may increase, yet again.

Likewise, there is a hold on power shutoff for heat and light until the end of March. When PA utilities can again issue shutoff notices, households may be protected customers if they are a residential customer; make less than three times the federal poverty income guidelines and apply for assistance programs in addition to making payment arrangements.

It’s a tough winter for a lot of our neighbors. If you have additional questions or know someone in need of assistance with filing for PECO’s assistance programs or other basic essentials, please contact our office.

More than ever, we must band together for our community members in need and continue to keep “neighbors helping neighbors” a daily reality.

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