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The ORION Legacy Society is a fund to ensure ORION's future longevity and strength to assist our most vulnerable neighbors in need for generations to come.

orion legacy society

The ORION Legacy Society is a fund to ensure ORION’s future longevity and strength to assist our most vulnerable neighbors in need for generations to come. It is a special fund for donors who want to ensure their legacy in the community by sup­porting the social causes that matter most to them and are consistent with ORION’s mission and vision.

You can help our most vulnerable neighbors now… and in the future. The Orion Legacy Society is a special fund created for donors like you, who want to make a lasting promise to care for our neighbors in need.

Your Orion Legacy Society gift will enable us to reach out to men, women and children who are struggling in our community. Since 1977, Orion Communities has served those who need our support. Orion continues to offer hope and assistance by building bridges for individuals and families experiencing hardship due to poverty, disability or illness that lead to self-reliance.

ORION will benefit from building a Legacy Fund for the future because it can steady the ups and downs of economic times and help to fund new opportunities to serve those in need. And, ORION Legacy Members will know that their support for ORION will ensure their own personal legacy right here in Chester County. As Winston Churchill once said:

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

The Orion Legacy Society will accept: multi-year gifts, gifts of cash, stocks, bequests, trusts and other major gifts. It will be a permeable fund known as a quasi-endowment fund. The Orion Legacy Society will allow the Orion Board of Directors to access the legacy capital for: expanding programs that address the needs of the most vulnerable in the community; capital needs; infrastructure; equipment; general operations; or currently unforeseen needs in the community congruent with Orion’s mission.

The purpose of the Orion Legacy Society is to provide professional management of your gift monies and to create a fund that will continue to provide income to Orion and our neighbors in need.

To make your gift through the Orion Legacy Society, please contact our Executive Director, Keith Wilburn, to learn more. This option is for gifts in excess of $10,000. Your gift will accrue interest and other earnings which will be paid annually to Orion.

We are honored if you have already made a legacy gift to Orion. We do not need to know the amount, but we would like to know so that we can recognize all our Legacy givers. Additionally, your Legacy gift will be a strong encouragement for others to support Orion’s mission of helping our most vulnerable neighbors. Thank you!