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Orion offers a free 8-week educational motivational group for single moms. This program is designed for moms who want to develop new strategies to inspire their children and themselves.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN OUR GLAD PROGRAM (Gutsy Ladies Achieving their Destiny)

  • You will learn the most effective parenting skills through Nurtured Heart & Active Parenting.
  • You will spend time with other parents and share stories and strategies.
  • You will learn about yourself.
  • You will figure out what your educational and/or job goals are
  • You will decide where you’d like to see yourself in a few months

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To learn more about the GLAD program, please call us at 610-415-1140 or send us an email – glad@orionhope.org. The application to register for this workshop is located at the bottom of this page.

Let’s work together to develop a strategy to make those dreams come true!

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"You really helped me through a depressing time. You  provided a safe, comfortable place! I really am forever grateful."