Why Orion Communities? Meet Treasurer Patrick Killeen

Kris Keller, Orion’s Executive Director, called me the other day asking me to write an article in Orion’s newsletter.  I said: “Sure but what do you want it to be about?”  Kris responded in kind:  “I am flexible.”  Feeling unfettered I was off to the races to share my perspective with each of you about Orion in general, my involvement, and how you can get involved too!

My wife, Anne, and I moved to Phoenixville two years ago as I transitioned back into the Philadelphia market to run risk management for Bryn Mawr Trust.  Bryn Mawr Trust is active in the communities in which it serves.  I oversee the Community Reinvestment Act efforts at the Bank, and one of our folks had mentioned that he had met Kris at a Federal Reserve event designed to connect local community services organizations to potential corporate sponsors.  Orion was looking for a potential board member.  How could I say “no” being that I live right around the corner?

So, I reached out and met Kris, and Art Munson, and ultimately the rest of the board.  I thought to myself you are fulfilling your civic duty.  But it quickly became apparent to me that this was so much more.  At first it was just the quality interactions with other board members.  I truly enjoyed my initial interactions and continue to enjoy working with this team.  This group of leaders is as passionate about the causes they serve as they are fun to work with.

Orion bridges the gap for so many in our local community who don’t know what that next step may be to find the assistance they and their families need…That next step could be as simple as receiving assistance to get to their place of employment today, or as complicated as navigating potential foreclosure or finding that next meal for their family.  I learn more every time I meet with the Orion team.

I am here to contribute my expertise and experience to ensure Orion’s sustainability over time and to participate in quality discussions that are all part of charting Orion’s path forward in ensuring that we can continue to meet the needs of those who rely on us.  There is also ample opportunity to volunteer any number of times during the year and also to provide financial backing in the form of donations so that Orion can continue to meet the needs of our local community.

We have a great network of volunteers whom without we would be challenged to meet our service goals.

In conclusion we all have something that we can give of ourselves to help others in need.  So those of you who are already in the fold know our story, and I thank you for your contributions whatever they may be.  For those of you who may be first time readers of the Orion Newsletter and/or may not know Orion very well today, I invite you to come in and have a conversation with any one of us to better understand Orion’s mission and to become part of the solution in any way that you can whether it be your expertise, your time, or your financial contribution.  We look forward to seeing you and working with you in support of our mission…

ORION believes that every person deserves shelter, food, clothing, transportation, access to healthcare and human interaction. ORION listens at the street level and responds to the unmet needs of our most vulnerable neighbors with creativity, compassion and collaboration.