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Police Officer Steps Up to Help Reward for Good Grades

A young mom asked for help to pay for storing her items as she and her son were facing eviction. It was complicated – several weeks in the hospital, lost job, but she didn’t want to lose her possessions while they moved into temporary shelter. Again, we have fabulous partners and collectively we were able to help her keep her home so she could focus on finding a new job.

Such gratitude for helping her keep her home! Reluctantly, she asked if we might have any movie passes. She was so proud of her son and his latest report card that she wanted to tread him to a newly released movie.

Again the request goes out and a Phoenixville Police Officer provided the funds for mother and son to go to the movies with enough left over to get popcorn. Can you imagine what it means to a teenager to avoid moving into a shelter and know that the local police wanted to congratulate him for his good grades in the same week? This community is something special. Many thanks to Lt. Brian Marshall and all of our generous heroes!

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