Orion Stories

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

You might recognize Beth Ann, pictured with our receptionist, LaVeana from the ABC News Video (see About page). Please take a moment to watch it if you have not done so as April is Fair Housing Month! At the time, right before the pandemic, she was new to recovery yet unfortunately, homeless, and quite concerned…

It’s the Little Things that Matter Most

When a mom came in and asked if we might have a stroller, not only were we able to give her one, the kids got some new books and big smiles too. She left grateful and with a smile as well. With your help, we continue to neighbors helping neighbors!

We stand in support of the Ukrainian people

Ukraine’s sovereignty matters. It’s always mattered and will continue to matter. Democratic principles including inclusiveness, equality and the right to determine self-governance is essential for all people. We support Ukraine’s commitment to life, liberty, minority rights and the rule of law. We stand in support of the Ukrainian people.

The Power of Words

Gathered around children’s books, volunteers encourage a love of reading and creativity. For the first time a six-week book club for little girls is being offered as part of Orion’s STARS program. Each week a new book will be introduced to promote the power of words as children take turns reading, share conversations and engage…