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Orion Communities on Channel 6/abc evening news

Channel 6 News presented a 4 part series on affordable housing. For more information about local initiatives, please contact Janice Biros, co-chair of Phoenixville Council on Affordable Housing, Janice.Biros@gmail.com or council member Kris Keller at KKeller@OrionHope.org.

Thanks to Phoenixville Media Group for creating a video that tells Orion’s story

Watch how you are helping Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Financial Empowerment Program

Are you living paycheck to paycheck?  Do you have $400 in savings for an unexpected emergency bill? With Orion’s Financial Empowerment Program, you will learn tips on how to  manage your income and find ways to start or grow a savings fund while making your money go farther. The program is open to the low…

Orion Communities Provides Haven of Opportunities

“Among the many services offered by Orion Communities, possibly the greatest benefit comes from building or restoring resilience in its clients. Folks like Tasjae Moore, who may be temporarily down on their luck, regularly find a haven at the Phoenixville agency, where almost anything seems possible. “They were able to get me a phone and…