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We Live in a Such Generous Community!

It started as typical day at Orion – people were coming in the door, some headed to the computers, others were filling out intake, others just stopped in to say hi to staff, volunteers, or friends. A funder stopped by with a promised check for Orion, even though they had notified us earlier, funding is essential to do out work and we shared our gratitude.

Checking emails, we soon learned Orion had been selected for grant funding from a local foundation – more good news to help our neighbors in need. A long time friend stopped in and had some questions about estate planning – such a gift that someone would be thinking about Orion’s future needs.

The next visitor was an orion volunteer. She wanted to know if Orion would speak at the women’s chapter of a local library in exchange for lunch and a $25 dollar donation! Another unexpected treat and recognition for Orion’s mission. It was amazing to have so many generous interactions happen in just four hours!

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